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Visit our new Some Neighborly Advice page for suggestions and recommendations from your neighbors about a variety establishments and services in our area. At this time we urge you to share resources!
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Hurricane Irma Update

To the Community Residents of Sierra Del Mar:

I hope this note finds you well and safe!

The good news is that it appears we came through this event with a minimum of home damage and as far as we know there were NO injuries!

As for the damage to what we know as common property, we are asking all homeowners to please take responsibility for whatever may be happening at their residence. There are many fences (along the perimeter of the community) and trees down too. However as we are sure you can understand we do not have access to any "crews" to address these issues and at this time we cannot provide an estimate as to how long it will be before we can do anything about them. We would ask that if you are able, to please right the fence or deal with trees temporarily if it's causing a potential danger such as exposing a pool or blocking access to your home, but DO NOT do this at the risk of your health!

Any foliage you collect please leave at the front of your home but NOT in the street. If you wish to carry your vegetation to the Community Pool, there's a grassy area between a wooden fence (Eli's storage area) and the street where Eli's crews place vegetation for pick-up.....you can use that if you place your vegetation "neatly" and not allow any overflow onto the parking lot or the street. 

Please DO NOT bring any other type of debris to the pool area. Leave this debris by your homes trying not to block ingress or egress to people and or traffic – Please keep an eye and ear out for announcements of garbage pick-up. If we hear anything we will contact you.

As soon as we can get assistance we will let you know and begin to correct any problems related to community property. In the meantime, we appreciate your understanding and any help you can provide to your neighbors.

If you have questions, I'll be happy to try to answer them either individually or through the website.

Please encourage your neighbors to register to receive email notifications on the community website:


Stay Safe!

Tom Friedman

If you have any information, resources or services to recommend to your fellow community members please contact the