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To keep our community looking its best we have several committees which are a valuable resource for answers or sharing ideas.

 Here are our committees:

Appearance Committee
Ensures that our homes are maintained properly by sending reminders and sharing ideas.

Architecture Committee
Committee Chair Bill Simmons
Deals with the structure of the home and any modifications that might be considered.

Communication Committee 
Committee Chairs Deanna Zakharia/Doug Morato
Plans community mailings and website

Disaster Preparedness
Committee Chair Deanna Zakharia

A committee that we hope doesn’t see too much action but 
we have a plan and emergency information regarding homeowners.

Fence Committee
Committee Chair Bill Simmons
This committee is kept busy year round since each of our homes and community perimeter 
are bordered by fences that are owned and maintained by the Association.

Landscaping Committee
Committee Chair Bill Simmons

Lighting Committee
Committee Chair TBD

Painting Committee
Committee Chair TBD
Our Association fees pay for painting our homes on a regular basis
Our Association fees pay for painting our homes on a regular basis 
to maintain property value and appearance.
Welcoming and Social Committee
Committee Chair Theresa Fricke
Planning of all our community socials Meeting with and helping our new Homeowners.

Pool Committee
Committee Chair Jay Sherlock
Keeping our pool clean, beautiful and inviting.

Parking Committee
Committee Chair TBD 

Rental /New Homeowner Committee
Committee Chairs Theresa Fricke

If you are a homeowner of Sierra Del Mar and have an interest  in any of these committees, or a problem in any of these areas, please call or email the appropriate committee chairman for information