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-- Maintenance fees are due on the First of each month - if they are not received by the 10th,
    they are considered late and will incur a $20.00 late fee.

-- Make checks payable to "Sierra Del Mar"

-- Mail your check to the following address:

   Sierra Del Mar
   c/o CenterState Bank
   PO Box 669366
   Miami, FL 33166

   To avoid the possibility of late charges, the fastest and easiest way to pay your
   Maintenance Fee is either through your own bank's on-line banking service or by asking
   Benchmark to set up Auto-Debit from your checking account each month.

   DO NOT mail any payments to the 21820 Atrium Blvd. address. If you mail to
   Benchmark's Coral Springs office, you will most assuredly incur late charges.

   If you have questions about your account, please contact :

   Benchmark Property Management
   Property Manager: Lisa Iturrizaga (ext 7245)
   Email: lisai@benchmarkpm.com